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Roger Jennings You deserved the honor more than any other from New Jersey's north shore for leading us. You are a powerful icon of our surfing heritage. Congratulations! Much love and peace . (2017)

Vincent Troniec Yeah Charlie , I have to tell everyone you were 2 time N.J. State men's champion . Also mentor to me . And now inducted to N.J Surfing Hall of Fame. (2017) 

Derf McTighe  Our first pro! Do that dance again Charlie!!

Joseph Schluter Traded even with Danny Sokol for his 6'5" Weber S.K.I, (synthetic kinetic instinct) . That was the board that I learned to do a real bottom turn on. Fast forward two years and I was in the shaping room with Charlie B Kunes getting my first true custom board shaped. Half way through Charlie stopped and we went for a test drive in his 912 Porsche came back and finished the shape. Those were heady times for a sixteen year old star struck grom. Proud to call him a friend and inspiration
Ted Geiser  if I were asked to describe your surfing, I would compare you to Barry Kanaiaupuni.  The bigger the wave, the smoother and more powerful your surfing became.   Late takeoffs on big waves deep at the crest were the hallmark of your style. You were always a power surfer. I can still see it in my mind at Kiernan, from the belly of my board looking out at the jetty as you powered through the wave that everyone else backed down on.
Pamela Lillie  “You are the waves”
Luke Alvarez LOL, I am stoked to meet you again after 43 years! I am still shaping boards as well; I just donated a board to Moss Rehab for their "The will Surf Again" program for people with spinal injuries. If it had not been for you, I would have never started shaping, there was no place to get fin boxes. I am glad to see you are still in touch with all the Long Branch crew. I went to school with Ray Cunneff and lived a half block from the Schulters, so it is a small world! Here's a pic of the Moss Rehab board. See ya in the water

Robert Megaro, Charlie, Thank You. For shaping my very first short board over at the carriage house in Rumson. And for all the contributions you and the other "elder statesmen" made to art and science and sport of Surfing. Proud member of the KSA, Bud Megaro.


Frank P Natale Chuck, I culminated my style from you. I didn't see Robert Brown, who grew up across the street from me, Jim Grazard, Or Rickie Hamrock who went on a Rincon PR Safari with me either. To be like you where there was no one to emulate from speaks volumes of who should be inducted. 20+ years ago when I went Wave Riding after one of our Surf Expo trade shows with friends Bob Hurley, Rory Russell, Jerry Lopez, at Huntington Beach piers that asked where did I get that snap action when the wave was driving me into a pier. I flashed on you, then described this guy from Jersey, & the pilings


Vincent Troniec Charlie was also Capt. - Coach to Bill Minders Monmouth Beach Surf' Shop's WEBER Team . He was also the N.J. State surfing Champion and was sent to the 1968 World trials in P.R. Bill and Charlie were Mentors to me, J.J , Steve Adeskavis , Andy Frattin , the Team and others. Opening many doors for us. I'm sure many will chime in on their guidance when we were GROM teenagers. Bill , Charlie and KIERNAN sure started us on a life long journey... Much love .


Mark Wilson
shootz my bad Charlie..p.s. You made me a board in 71...5'8,rounded pin...the guidance system, drop fin in & pull back...I loved that board.You are a master at ur craft! P.S. Brennens carriage house shop...Aloha
Andy Wright  Hey Charlie that picture is great!! Reminds me of the Bit-a-honey commercial

Bill Minder & Charlie got me doing dings at the MB Shop and Charlie infused me with the fire and passion for shaping in the horse stalls at the Brennan's carriage house in Rumson, circa 1966-67. It was a certainly a heady time for Us All

Saw Charlie punch out a guard at Tradewinds one day when the guard tried taking his board. As Charlie swam in I advised the guy to let it be, but being a karate expert he didn’t listen. Poor guy didn’t see it coming

 I haven't heard the name Chuck Kunes in forever! Loved that guy.

Thank you, Charlie, for your passion for surfing. You are powerful and lead the sub-culture evolution of surfers here. Your choice to embrace wave riding was outside the box for your peer group. You created a life style that had no presence here. Thank you for revealing that you still have the passion for the free ride nature provides for our pursuit. You are humble but not forgotten.